Pros and Cons of Poco X3 Pro Think Smart !!!!!

Pros and Cons of Poco X3 Pro Think Smart !!!!!

However dynamic range is not as good as the main camera. The barrel effect is also minimal at the edges and corners. The Poco X3 Pro is available in two configurations – the review model is the base version with 6GB RAM/128GB of storage. There is another version with 8GB RAM /256GB storage for a bit more. In either version RAM is LPDDR4x and the storage is the UFS 3.1 type.

  • Apart from Gorilla Glass 5 download, there is also a pre-applied screen protector shielding the screen.
  • The first gadget is the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro and the second is the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC.
  • From the links below, download either the Fastboot or Recovery firmware and follow the recommended flashing instructions afterwards.
  • Thankfully Poco kept the micro SD card expansion slot still available for those needing even more storage capacity.
  • With a new focus on the youth market, Poco has chosen a slightly different approach for the X3 Pro.

But will being able to play games at similar frame rates as the previous year’s top-end phones matter more to many? There’s also the Mi 10i, another excellent phone from Xiaomi for buyers in India.

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The Poco X3 Pro is basically just an old phone with buffed-up internals. On the other hand, the Poco F3 is a rebranded Redmi K40. Interestingly though, the designs of both these phones are not new and they are borrowed from predecessors. The Poco F3 borrows its design from the Redmi K40, while the Poco X3 Pro uses the same design found on the regular Poco X3.

  • On the other hand, the Poco F3 is a rebranded Redmi K40.
  • The in-OS ads aren’t ideal but are reasonable given the price of the Poco X3 NFC.
  • I guess it’s safe to say the Poco X3 Pro’s Liquidcool Plus technology isn’t all that effective.
  • In addition, there’s an IR blaster, a 3.5 mm audio jack, FM radio, a notification LED, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC, which makes the configuration quite extensive.

Both devices have stereo speakers which have pretty much the same output although the Poco X3 is slightly louder. Along with the blazing-fast processors, you are getting beautiful high refresh rate screens, large batteries, features like dual speakers, and more. If you are limited by budget, the Poco X3 Pro should be excellent for you, but I would advise you to go for the Poco F3 just for the screen and extra performance. Of course, there are some compromises and some drawbacks to the budget-friendly POCO X3 GT, but depending on your specific needs, they’re nothing too major. We’re sad to see POCO drop micro SD support on the POCO X3 GT, but with up to 256GB of fast UFS 3.1 storage, we won’t complain. Both Poco X3 Pro and Poco X4 Pro offer excellent value for money with their features and specifications.

The information on every website that I visit does not correspond to the truth or the information that I have always known. The dictionary on my keyboard does not correspond at all to the language I use and puts inappropriate words in the text. The Google Assistant and any kind of voice input, the phone or the Internet site acts absolutely the opposite of what you would expect. First it fall on street, then driven with my bike over the phone. Here is no 5G, i think, in Germany, it is huge problem with internet. Some cuts such as plastic cover had to be made to make this beast a budget phone,but overall a real best buy. It’s easy to see that young buyers will like what the X3 Pro has to offer, but this phone isn’t for everyone.